Jenny Lunn Obedience Day 

Had this day recommended to me by a friend and boy she wasn’t wrong! By late afternoon I had so much new information that I had brain fry so bad I couldnt even take notes any more! But what a great feeling! Took Faith for this first session as she is still finding the fun […]

Jo Hill Obedience Day 

Had a super day on our 2nd Jo Hill obedience day. Unfortunately in the morning it was apparent that Faith wasnt feeling herself so Rhea came as substitute. I was so looking forward to building on what we did with Faith last time but actually turned out to be a really beneficial day for Rhea! […]

121 and sisterly meet 

Had a brilliant obedience 121 Saturday and afterwards a lovely meet up between Faith and her sister Dottie, they both had great fun and a good run around the park, lovely how well they get on together!

Obedience League 2017 

Rheas 1st Obedience competition 

Clever Rhea & Gabriella! Never having done more than a couple of obedience classes each they were brave enough to give an Introductory class a whirl, so proud of them both! Rhea coped wonderfully with the environment and distractions and had a brilliant time, Gabs was a bit more stressed by it all but did […]

Discover Dogs – Semi Finals – Faith 

So the day final arrived! Set off to pick up the lovely Kim who had kindly offered to come lend me a hand with everything and watch Faith so I could nip off when I needed to, I was sure I’d packed everything albeit a rushed last minute pack as I’d had a busy week. […]

Jo Hill – Obedience – Constructive Training Round Day 

What a cracking day we had! This summer I did a couple of training rounds with Faith but I didn’t feel like I had made the most of them and when I saw and advert come up for this day I jumped right in. I didn’t know who Jo Hill was as I am new […]

Obedience for Rhea 

With Faith in season Rhea had the chance to fill in for her at our Bank Holiday weekend training session. I had no idea how it was going to pan out and Rheas only filled in for Faith once in a short indoor class and hasn’t been obedience training since she was a youngster but […]

Ditton Dog Training Championship Obedience Show 2017 

Judge – Linda Plows Faith Placed 1st in Pre-Beginners Class 1st place 176 Ms Nina Fotara and Astraios Earth Angel (long haired Weimaraner) Nina handled this round well. Every sit at the end of the heelwork and on the finish was crooked which should be an easy fix, but otherwise there was some good teamwork […]

Ditton Dog Training Open Obedience Show 2017 

Judge – Sandra Barnes Faith Placed 5th in Pre-Beginners Class


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