Hip Scoring

It is important that anyone considering buying a puppy of any breed is fully aware of the relevance of hip scoring but it is even more important when considering a large breed dog such as the Weimaraner.

Hip scores tell you how healthly or ‘sound’ a dogs hips are. Unsound hips can be extremely painful and debilitating. Hips scoring basically means that an xray is taken of the dog and submitted to the BVA for assessment, the BVA team of vets look at each xray and give different parts of the joint and hips a score, based on a long standing system, then sub total them up on each side of the dog and finally add them to give the dogs hips an overal score.

Each breed has a mean score (average overall score). When choosing your puppy you should ideally ensure that both parents scores fall on or under the breed average.

List of breed mean score – PDF Download *

Please find below the following information on hip scoring:

Kennel Club Article

BVA Information

Breed comparrision chart for other countries score schemes

Chart  – PDF download *