Schweisshund Training session 3 

This will be updated later as I am in the process of preparing an article on the day to appear in the Weimaraner magazines LH celebration.

Schweisshund Training session 2 

Trip to Thetford for blood tracking with the BMHS of GB. Faith did 3 tracks today, liver drag and normal tracks, she was very proud of herself on her last track, penny dropping. Kodi did his first aged track on Muntjac with not as much blood as normal, had some lovely moments interspersed wtih struggling […]

Tracking with BMHS of GB 

Awesome day blood tracking with the BMHS of GB! Took Kodi and both his daughters that we have with us at the moment and my friend Angela. We started our day by laying three short tracks, 2 for the pups and one for dad, the pups had liver drags and dad a normal track. This […]

BMHS of GB Intro to Schweisshund Tracking Day (Thetford) 

The day started in the classroom with an informative presentation on the purpose behind the tracking work and how to go about training our dogs, the qualities needed for the dog to be successful and various pitfalls during training and working and how to avoid them where possible. It was a very interesting presentation in […]