N&S HPR Club Working Test – Dottie 

Congratulations again to Debbie and Dottie, what a great weekend! Today they not only one the Scurry outright but they also came 4th in Special Beginners! Brilliant! They also entered conformation and were graded VG with a note that Dottie was a little over enthusiastic on the move haha, good girl having fun.

Italian Spinone Club of GB Working Test 

General Working Test Judge – Sue Pitman Faith Placed 6th Place in Novice Dog / Novice Handler (unclassified)

German Shorthaired Pointer Club (Surrey Hants) Gundog Working Test 

Disappointing work at the GWT today, there were things I knew we would struggle with but we managed to fail on things that we should have been able to do easily so a frustrating day too! BUT as always was lovely how supportive everyone is on these days, judges, trainers, those competing, all helped to […]

Bracco Italiano Club Working Test 2015 

Finally took the plunge and entered Faiths first Working Test of the non SB variety and it couldn’t have been any wetter! We bombed out of the obedience task so it was not the most glorious of starts but when a girls got to zoomie…..well you get the picture. However, everyone was so lovely and […]

Kennel Club Working Test – The Italian Spinone Club of Great Britain 

What a fab day! Entered Faith in a KC Working Test and it was today, we were NFC (not for competition) as I had been in SB years ago with Kodi when he was a youngster. We had an awesome day today and whilst we couldnt be officially placed I was over the moon that […]

Hungarian Vizsla Club Test of Work 

Rhea entered her first test of work today at 6mths old, she received some lovely judge comments (judges were as below) and was awarded a 4th place in Special Beginners, she was handled by Gabriella. Judges: Puppy: Richard Chellumbrun Special Beginners : Paul Bradley Novice: Peter Guest Open: Keith Scattergood  

WA Gundog Working Test – Special Beginners Class – 3rd place! 

10th May 2009 – Weimaraner Association Gundog Working Test (Medhone Farm, Petworth) – 3rd Place Special Beginners at his first ever test! Judge Margarita Brooker Gundog working test points: Sit stay recall – 7/10 Hunting 5.5/10 (he was rather distracted by all the cow pooh!) Retrieve (seen) 7/10 Water retrieve 20/25 Memory retrieve 8/10 Woohoo! […]