The 2018 Round-up 

Well as always I intended a quieter one but did not succeed! As planned I did not show and despite both my girls being eligible I did not bother attending CRUFTS. I planned on quiet times training at home which I did a little of and I did the odd planned obedience competition training round […]

Practical Magic Litter – Rosa 

So our Practical Magic litter have all now flown the nest. We wish them all the best in their lives and whatever they end up doing we wish them much love. At this point please let me introduce: Rosa is our keeper from this lovely litter, totally blown away by the quality this match produced […]

N&S HPR Club Working Test – Dottie 

Congratulations again to Debbie and Dottie, what a great weekend! Today they not only one the Scurry outright but they also came 4th in Special Beginners! Brilliant! They also entered conformation and were graded VG with a note that Dottie was a little over enthusiastic on the move haha, good girl having fun.

Redgates Agility Club Show – Dottie 

Congratulations to Debbie and Dottie (Astraios Power of Veratu) on their 3rd place at Redgates Agility Club Show this weekend. This was their very first show too!!!

Norfolk and Suffolk HPR Field Trial Club – Water Day 

Another great day organised by the Norfolk and Suffolk HPR Field Trial Club! These days are always a brilliant experience and today was no exception. Was really pleased with Faith as, unlike both her parents, she’s always been a little under confident at entries. The moment of no return where legs leave contact with ground has […]

Congratulations Roo – Grade 5! 

Astraios Wizard of Aus is now a grade 5 agility dog! Congratulations to the Dakin family on all their wonderful agility work with Roo, so proud of you and of Roo!

Vyne Agility Show – Roo 

Not in the results today but just wanted to share this lovely photo of Roo kindly taken by the lovely Alan Score at Vyne Show this weekend.

Chesvale Obedience Show – Rhea & Faith 

Rhea entered Chesvale Obedience show with Gabriella as her handler, this was her 2nd show and her first ever Special Pre Beginners Good Citizens class, it was also Gabriellas 1st time entering this class and her 2nd ever show! Really proud of both of them, Rhea was unlucky to be spooked by another dog just […]

Family reunion 

Just a quick post to share we had a lovely family reunion with Dottie today! Was lovely to see her and the first time she has really met her Mum properly since she was 8 weeks old and flew the nest! Dot at 3 years old

Gwens Trophy 2017 – Faith (Astraios Earth Angel P-BEG EX) 

Retained Trophy Well wow! Our home bred girl Faith (Astraios Earth Angel INTRO EX), now 3 years old,  has retained the Gwens Trophy for obedience wins during 2017. What a great year she had last year! Thank you to the Weimaraner Club of Great Britain and its committee for the award.