The 2018 Round-up 

I know each year I talk about having a quieter one but there is no harm in repeating the dream! This years plan, no showing and despite both my girls being eligible I will not be attending CRUFTS. I plan on quite times training at home, maybe the odd training round at shows, a little […]

Herr Lange Cup 2017 – Faith (Astraios Earth Angel P-BEG EX) 

Retained Trophy Well what can I say yet again!? Our home bred girl Faith (Astraios Earth Angel INTRO EX), now 3 years old,  has retained the Herr Lange Cup for Best Longhaired All-Round Weimaraner of 2017. Over the moon! Thank you to the Weimaraner Association and its committee for the award. Please follow and like […]

Mabanika Celebrity Obedience Trophy Winner 2017 – Faith (Astraios Earth Angel P-BEG EX) 

Retained Trophy A superb surprise! After all our ups and downs last year Faith has once again retained the Mabanika Celebrity Obedience Trophy. Thank you once again to the Weimaraner Association and its committee for the award. Please follow and like us:

HWVCGB Steadiness Day 

Lovely day catching up with Debbie & Dottie today on the HWHVGB steadiness day today! Really nice to have a chance to see their teamwork and lovely to see Debbies positive handling, every so grateful for the kind owners my puppies have gained. Thanks you to Tracie for organising the day and to our group charge […]

Jenny Lunn Obedience Day 2 

Had the amazing opportunity to get on another Jenny Lunn Obedience day so couldnt say no! Booked on both girls so a really full on day for me, I shall sleep well tonight! This was Faiths 2nd Jenny Lunn day and Rheas first. Rhea coped remarkably well considering she is not used to class environments […]

Jenny Lunn Obedience Day 

Had this day recommended to me by a friend and boy she wasn’t wrong! By late afternoon I had so much new information that I had brain fry so bad I couldnt even take notes any more! But what a great feeling! Took Faith for this first session as she is still finding the fun […]

Jo Hill Obedience Day 

Had a super day on our 2nd Jo Hill obedience day. Unfortunately in the morning it was apparent that Faith wasnt feeling herself so Rhea came as substitute. I was so looking forward to building on what we did with Faith last time but actually turned out to be a really beneficial day for Rhea! […]

121 and sisterly meet 

Had a brilliant obedience 121 Saturday and afterwards a lovely meet up between Faith and her sister Dottie, they both had great fun and a good run around the park, lovely how well they get on together! Please follow and like us:

YKC Team GB Tryouts – Roo 

This lovely photograph of Roo by Simon Peachey Photography was taken on day two of the YKC Team GB tryouts! Lily and Roo successfully made it through day 1 to be invited back to day 2, it wasn’t their day this year but who knows for the future! So proud of them both making it […]

Sisters, beauty & brains! 

What a great day today with the N&S HPR FT Society field training! I took Faith along as her field work was neglected last year and we met up with Debbie and the lovely Dottie from our Charmed litter. Had a really great day training with the girls training under direction of James.  Dottie had […]