Woolwich & Bexley DCS Open Show 

Lovely day at Woolwich & Bexley DCS Open Show, Rosas first show ever! Unfortunately she didn’t show too well as she was so busy taking it all in but she did however love her time at the show, she was sociable and had fun all day long. In the ring she stood well at first […]

Match night with all 3 

Looking at my blog I apparently haven’t updated well on my match nights since getting Rosa, I’ll have to go back and add what Ive missed! Anyway tonight I took all 3 girls to ringcraft, the older girls havent shown for a year or so which meant I had no idea what to expect. Rhea […]

Chesvale Obedience Show – Rhea & Faith 

Rhea entered Chesvale Obedience show with Gabriella as her handler, this was her 2nd show and her first ever Special Pre Beginners Good Citizens class, it was also Gabriellas 1st time entering this class and her 2nd ever show! Really proud of both of them, Rhea was unlucky to be spooked by another dog just […]

Family reunion 

Just a quick post to share we had a lovely family reunion with Dottie today! Was lovely to see her and the first time she has really met her Mum properly since she was 8 weeks old and flew the nest! Dot at 3 years old

Jenny Lunn Obedience Day 2 

Had the amazing opportunity to get on another Jenny Lunn Obedience day so couldnt say no! Booked on both girls so a really full on day for me, I shall sleep well tonight! This was Faiths 2nd Jenny Lunn day and Rheas first. Rhea coped remarkably well considering she is not used to class environments […]

Jo Hill Obedience Day 

Had a super day on our 2nd Jo Hill obedience day. Unfortunately in the morning it was apparent that Faith wasnt feeling herself so Rhea came as substitute. I was so looking forward to building on what we did with Faith last time but actually turned out to be a really beneficial day for Rhea! […]

Rheas birthday 

Happy birthday to our little bush baby and all the Waldwiese C Litter  When I was blessed enough that Claire and Lois allowed me to import Rhea I didn’t know what was in store but it couldn’t have been a better decision and I will be forever grateful for the start in life that Lois, […]

Rheas 1st Obedience competition 

Clever Rhea & Gabriella! Never having done more than a couple of obedience classes each they were brave enough to give an Introductory class a whirl, so proud of them both! Rhea coped wonderfully with the environment and distractions and had a brilliant time, Gabs was a bit more stressed by it all but did […]

Heelwork to Music – Rhea 

As Faith has her Discover Dogs event tomorrow I didn’t want to wear her out so Rhea had the chance of taking her place and taking part in her very first heelwork to music class! Well what can I say, a natural! Rhea sauntered in to class bum wagging as always, she hadnt been to […]

Rhea back at work! 

As Faith has her Discover Dogs event next weekend I decided it was safer to take Rhea on the shoot rather than risk Faith picking up an injury. Not doubt Faith wasn’t amused today being left behind as she really does love her days out beating more than anything else in the world but hey […]