Chesvale Obedience Show – Rhea & Faith

Rhea entered Chesvale Obedience show with Gabriella as her handler, this was her 2nd show and her first ever Special Pre Beginners Good Citizens class, it was also Gabriellas 1st time entering this class and her 2nd ever show!

Really proud of both of them, Rhea was unlucky to be spooked by another dog just before going in the ring and Gabs had to work really hard to get her happy and relaxed again but she did it manage it. Scores were not bad at all considering Gabriellas never done a class and Rheas only done a couple. Play with dog dropped .75 where Gabs had to work hard to get her relaxed again and the exam was completely clear, gate dropped 2.75 mainly because without practice its so easy to set up too far away from the gate but it was under control which is what the aim is, most points went on recall as Rhea lifted before called and also didnt present/sit when she arrived! Most points were dropped on the heel work as Rhea was very sniffy especially having been distracted/spooked before going in but a sterling effort from both of them and I couldnt have been prouder, they tried and thats worth more than anything!

I trained Faith in Novice first thing and had a great time with her then worked her Beginner round where I was pleased she was a happy girl once again…..little too happy lol most of our points were lost when instead of recalling she ran around for a while….old habits can be hard to break lol but quite frankly I didnt care, she was happy and that was all I wanted! We dropped just 1.25 marks in heel on lead a 2 in heel off lead which given how hard I’ve found bringing the joy back to her heel work has been I was over the flipping moon! Retrieve we dropped .25 I’d guess for the chew she had as she sat. 

Didnt do stays with either girls as was so hot, they had both given us so much, wanted to end on a happy note and live to fight another day !