Dottie & her Agility wins 

Debbie and Dottie (Astraios Power of Veratu) have had some stonking agility show results lately, really proud of how far they have come as Dottie is Debbies first competition agility dog and they’ve worked so hard to bring it all together in the ring. Results recently are: Stonebridge on 19th May – 5th large Graded […]

N&S HPR Club Working Test – Dottie 

Congratulations again to Debbie and Dottie, what a great weekend! Today they not only one the Scurry outright but they also came 4th in Special Beginners! Brilliant! They also entered conformation and were graded VG with a note that Dottie was a little over enthusiastic on the move haha, good girl having fun.

Redgates Agility Club Show – Dottie 

Congratulations to Debbie and Dottie (Astraios Power of Veratu) on their 3rd place at Redgates Agility Club Show this weekend. This was their very first show too!!!

Norfolk and Suffolk HPR Field Trial Club – Water Day 

Another great day organised by the Norfolk and Suffolk HPR Field Trial Club! These days are always a brilliant experience and today was no exception. Was really pleased with Faith as, unlike both her parents, she’s always been a little under confident at entries. The moment of no return where legs leave contact with ground has […]

Family reunion 

Just a quick post to share we had a lovely family reunion with Dottie today! Was lovely to see her and the first time she has really met her Mum properly since she was 8 weeks old and flew the nest! Dot at 3 years old

121 and sisterly meet 

Had a brilliant obedience 121 Saturday and afterwards a lovely meet up between Faith and her sister Dottie, they both had great fun and a good run around the park, lovely how well they get on together!

Sisters, beauty & brains! 

What a great day today with the N&S HPR FT Society field training! I took Faith along as her field work was neglected last year and we met up with Debbie and the lovely Dottie from our Charmed litter. Had a really great day training with the girls training under direction of James.  Dottie had […]

Norfolk & Suffolk HPR Field Trial Club – Water day 

Absolutely brilliant day! Couldn’t recommend it enough! Arrived and parked up, sorted our bag out for the day and awaited the arrival of Faiths sister Dottie. Was lovely to have both girls on the day and Faith squeaked happily at Dotties crate as soon as we went over, girls said their hello then we headed […]

Congratulations Debbie & Dottie (Astraios Power of Veratu) 

I just wanted to congratulate Debbie who owns Dottie (Astraios Power of Veratu) on a fantastic first season in the shooting field together. Debbie has achieved so much with Dottie and all with positive reinforcement, kindness and a relationship based on mutual respect. As a team they have gone from beginners to completing HPR’s, beating and even […]

Faiths last shoot of the season 

Fantastic end to the season for Faith, exceed my expectations this season given the little time I have had to work with her and I couldn’t be prouder of her. She worked really well, listening under really busy circumstances and at a distance without a problem. She been a happy, sociable girl whos enjoyed every […]