Rosas first swim session 

So yesterday was our first swim night in a long time, I wont lie it was hard for me, Kodi loved to swim, always made him so happy swimming up and down retrieving things and we had to work hard to teach him calmness in water! It was the first time we have been back […]

Norfolk and Suffolk HPR Field Trial Club – Water Day 

Another great day organised by the Norfolk and Suffolk HPR Field Trial Club! These days are always a brilliant experience and today was no exception. Was really pleased with Faith as, unlike both her parents, she’s always been a little under confident at entries. The moment of no return where legs leave contact with ground has […]

Norfolk & Suffolk HPR Field Trial Club – Water day 

Absolutely brilliant day! Couldn’t recommend it enough! Arrived and parked up, sorted our bag out for the day and awaited the arrival of Faiths sister Dottie. Was lovely to have both girls on the day and Faith squeaked happily at Dotties crate as soon as we went over, girls said their hello then we headed […]

Video from Water Day – Faith 

Thank you to Debbie Allery for the lovely video!

Faiths first experience at the beach 

We made the most of the bank holiday weekend this time around and Faith got her first experience of the beach/sea! It was a shame as it wasn’t planned so her Mum and Dad were not with us but I guess it was a little more fun for her as we played with her and […]

WCGB Water Training Day – Sussex 

Firstly thank you to Debbie Wallwork for letting me use her photo of the venue we had for the day. Secondly, wow! What an amazing venue, we were so blessed to have access to this ground, well done to the WCGB on securing it for the day. Set in a vast forestry there were around […]

First swim! 

Took all three dogs to Waterhounds today to introduce Faith to water today, we were also lucky to be joined by Faiths sister Dottie! Both girls were tentative at first but both girls finished with swimming.

Weimaraner Lovers Water Day – Dorney Lakes, Windsor 

Well what a fabulous day! Started off a little shakey thanks to horrendous traffic conditions but once we arrived at Dorney Lakes…well wow what can I say, what a wonderful, wonderful place, such a sense of peace there. Everyone met up in the car park, Emer cycled off for a safety briefing and came back […]