Please find below a list of useful Weimaraner site links:

The Kennel Club

Astraios Champdogs Page

Weimaraner Association

North of England Weimaraner Society

Weimaraner Club of Scotland

Independent Weimaraner Rescue & Re-homing Service (I.W.R.R.S)

Hunt, Point and Retrieve Breeds Association

The Weimaraner Club of Ireland

Eurobreeder Website

Norfolk & Suffolk HPR Field Trial Club

Bavarian Mountain Hound Society of Great Britain

Longhaired Weimaraner Kennels:
The sites of just some of those worldwide who breed, show or work Longhaired Weimaraners: Please note – ALL the sites listed below are of kennels that carry out the required relevant health tests prior to breeding. I will NOT list sites/links to any breeder that does not carry out hip scores prior to breeding, there is no excuse for it!

Waldwiese Weimaraners – Australia – Show & Tracking kennel & home to Rhea’s lovely mum Supreme Champion Waldwiese Y Would You TD aka Meemo

Safisoul Longhaired Weimaraners – Portugual – Showing & Breeding Longhaired Weimaraners

Gunalt Weimaraners – UKs top Show kennel

Weimaraner forums:

Weimaraner world

Other useful sites:

Obedience League – Obedience league tables 

Do More With Your Dog! – Kyra Sundance Trick Dog title scheme

Laboklin – Laboratory testing facility for coat length amongst other things

Confident Canine – Dog Training & Behaviour, canine massage and holistic services.

Essex Gundog Training –  Offering Gundog Training classes and 121s in Essex

Nutriment Raw Food – Quality raw food supplier

Platinum Dog Food – Quality dry/moist food supplier

Dog Publications

Our Dogs

Dog Training Weekly

Professional photographers:

Ingrid Matschke Photography – Located in Australia

Professional International Fine Artist:

Jo van Kampen – Jo is the artist I commissioned to paint the wonderful painting of Kodi that you see in the gallery on here

Weimaraner dedicated online store:

Penhaligon Pets – This link takes you to the page containing the Limited Edition print of Kodi

Weimaraner health:

Bloat – This takes you to a page in this site with lots of bloat information

Districhiasis – Low incidence noted

Ectropian – Not common but cases noted

Entropian – Low incidence noted

Intersexuality – Rare but has been noted

Cryptorchidism – This link takes you directly to a good article

Jaw & Dental issues – Takes you too a brief article discussing these issues

HUU – Hyperuricosuria

Hip Scores – BVA Information