Jo Hill Training Day

I always love a Jo Hill training day and this was no exception. It was also really great to be out and about with Faith again after such a long break having puppies etc I think we have both really missed working together!

Day consisted as usual of individual short sessions working on whatever was necessary, sometimes this was on a requested thing and sometimes on what became apparent was the real issue that needed some work. I always love watching others train their dogs as you learn so much so it makes for a really interesting day. As a dog trainer myself its also great watching all the other different breeds working and different ways of handling them.

Our first turn we worked on heel work as during the confidence dip of last year we lost our rhythm and I now feel we both feel and look messy on heel work. We had some great help and I can see how I can now take that away and work with it through the winter and watching others I picked up some other helpful snippets to work on too.

Our second turn I wanted to work on her dumbell as she had lost confidence the other year after repeatedly being barked at when going for the retrieve and I just wanted to give her the chance to gain some confidence back. Again given some great advice and we will go away and work on it but was also glad to see just having the break had brought back some of her oomph and her outs and backs were lovely!

Hoping it wont be too long before our next chance to attend a Jo Hill day!