A day in the field with Dorntanza 

Lovely day spent with Matt & Sophie of Dorntanza field training with Faith and a group of like minded HPR people. Lots of game and scents to keep the dogs happy and help them work as best they could.

Dorntanza Training Day/121 

Shared another great days training with Debbie and her Astraios girls, went to Dorntanza as usual as we both really love Matts training style and knowledge. Was a super day with a mix of hunting for the girls, and retrieve set ups. During hunting between them the girls found birds, Muntjac and rabbits. Was pleased […]

A mornings field training 

Another super mornings field training with Matt of Dorntanza. Took Faith along for a couple of hours work and she didn’t disappoint, bless her she never does. Worked her on various beats, emphasis was on my ground treatment and planning ahead which for me went well overall. For Faith it was about looking to me […]

A day in the field – Faith 

Great day out field training with Faith. Not too many surprises with her, retrieves on cold game both seen and memory were spot on with her sitting and waiting to be sent then bringing back to hand with no fuss. Obedience first class, no worries from me, always has an eye on me and works […]

A day in the field – Rosa 

Rosas first real field day, some of what I expected and some not. We had the extra distractions of her sister being there and snow on the ground which Rosa had never seen before so knew it would be tougher getting her attention but not quite how tough! She did some lovely retrieves happily jumping […]

HWVCGB Steadiness Day 

Lovely day catching up with Debbie & Dottie today on the HWHVGB steadiness day today! Really nice to have a chance to see their teamwork and lovely to see Debbies positive handling, every so grateful for the kind owners my puppies have gained. Thanks you to Tracie for organising the day and to our group charge […]

Sisters, beauty & brains! 

What a great day today with the N&S HPR FT Society field training! I took Faith along as her field work was neglected last year and we met up with Debbie and the lovely Dottie from our Charmed litter. Had a really great day training with the girls training under direction of James.  Dottie had […]

Rhea back at work! 

As Faith has her Discover Dogs event next weekend I decided it was safer to take Rhea on the shoot rather than risk Faith picking up an injury. Not doubt Faith wasn’t amused today being left behind as she really does love her days out beating more than anything else in the world but hey […]

Congratulations Debbie & Dottie (Astraios Power of Veratu) 

I just wanted to congratulate Debbie who owns Dottie (Astraios Power of Veratu) on a fantastic first season in the shooting field together. Debbie has achieved so much with Dottie and all with positive reinforcement, kindness and a relationship based on mutual respect. As a team they have gone from beginners to completing HPR’s, beating and even […]

Beaters Day 2017 

An entirely epic beaters day today!!! Can’t thank the shoot enough for what has been a brilliant season, one I will long remember!  Got to try picking up today and it was fantastic! Faith picked anything and everything with no issues, happily got stuck into thick cover or cleared lovely long distances from me for […]