Working Trials Training with Canine Solutions 

Throughout our Working Trials day we completed the following: Tracking – this went so well that we introduced corners! Search Squares – this also went well with Kodi finding and returning articles to me. Agility – we completed long jump and high jump (one down from full height) and learnt the beginnings of the scale, […]

A Working Trials Day 

  So having arisen at the crack of dawn, finally the journey was over and I’d found my spot in a field, thankful of the invention of 4 wheel drive I squished in amongst the other cars and went to meet Dave and Maureen. We started with a brief outline of what to expect then […]

Clicker Training for WT with Anne Bussey – Kent 

An informative day that has definately helped change my view of clicker training a little, I understand more the difference between a clicker trainer and a clicker user but I am unsure yet which camp I will end up sitting in! We started the day by settling our dogs in our cars just outside the […]

Essex 2000 Working Trials – We are in!! 

Kodi and I passed our test today to join our local Working Trials group, Essex 2000!! We did heel on lead, off lead, retreive, sit stay for 1 min, down stay for 3 (but he didnt manage that one, lil too long, more work needed), recall and if there was anything else I cant think […]