The 2019 Round-up 

I really dont know what this year will bring. With the loss of my Kodibear the plan is simply to wake, keep putting one foot in front of the other, to sleep and start again each day….. Unfortunately I broke my foot on the 1st of September (ironic considering my only plan this year was […]

The 2018 Round-up 

Well as always I intended a quieter one but did not succeed! As planned I did not show and despite both my girls being eligible I did not bother attending CRUFTS. I planned on quiet times training at home which I did a little of and I did the odd planned obedience competition training round […]

The 2017 Round-up 

Well originally I was hoping for a quieter year this year, enjoying the simple things and hopefully some new beginnings. Things never quite go to plan but I will be eternally grateful for the amazing things that I have been able to experience this year that I never dreamed I would! Faith has done me […]

The 2016 Round-up 

I will only be listing my own dogs this year, not those I bred as its too hard to keep up with everyones results but if you’d like to know more about any of our litters results always feel free to contact me. You can also see results of pups within the blogs and on […]

Astraios Oh My Goddess – Portugals 7th Top Puppy ALL BREEDS 2015 

Astraios Oh My Goddess 7th Top Puppy All Breeds 2015 Another record broken

The 2015 Round-up 

Well, 2014 was engulfed in preparations and saving for our foundation litter. It meant a quiet year competition and show wise which did not go unnoticed by others, but I can safely say it was worth it. Lots of lovely feedback from breeders around the globe who I highly respect and the beginnings of a […]

The 2014 Roundup 

2014 had firm plans that I hoped would work out for everyone, this entailed attempting to have a much quieter year than the last few busy ones and so also saw a much quieter blog. Despite my achieving a quieter year it was a productive one with more firsts for both dogs. The beginning of […]

The 2013 Roundup 

Our plans for this year had been to go with the flow again and it was a good plan apparently as 2013 started out with most shows and competitions being cancelled due to either snow or excessive rain! 2012 year was a hard year to top but I don’t think we did a pretty good […]

The 2012 Roundup 

Well this year was always destined to bring exciting things, as soon as we knew that our new addition Rhea (Waldwiese Carpe Diem at Astraios) would be arriving we knew the year would be perfect come what may! Kodi (Morpheus Ruler of Dreams at Astraios) and I continued to do agility and we have both […]

The 2011 Roundup 

This year was dedicated to enjoying life, sampling as much of it as we can and I firmly believe we succeeded too! Although Kodi and I only started doing agility for fun, he took to it so well that we ended up entering our first competition in the sport during 2011. We made some headway […]


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