The 2019 Round-up 

I really dont know what this year will bring. With the loss of my Kodibear the plan is simply to wake, keep putting one foot in front, to sleep and start again each day….. Rosa Faith Rhea KodiNew years day I said goodbye to my beloved boy. I wont list loads of rosettes, achievements and […]

Why I will not be renewing my WCGB membership 

I have been very disappointed over time, on the one hand clubs say they want to encourage new comers and to get owners to become more active with their dogs yet on the other they repeatedly demonstrate that they are only happy when the ‘right’ people/dogs achieve things and I have no idea why this […]

He knew me and he loved me still 

You knew me and you loved me so Wanted to stay but time to go I know you fought until the end But twas time for body and soul to mend I sit without you, empty shell and long to hear you ring your bell To do happy spins, to bark and shout To squeak […]

Kodi – Rest in Peace 

I must apologise as this is a sad post for once but for those of you who follow my lovely dogs its only fair I let you know that New Years day I had to let my very best boy Kodibear go. It was his time and he was ready but for those of us who […]

The 2018 Round-up 

Well as always I intended a quieter one but did not succeed! As planned I did not show and despite both my girls being eligible I did not bother attending CRUFTS. I planned on quiet times training at home which I did a little of and I did the odd planned obedience competition training round […]


My old boy Kodi bear isn’t too well, he’s nearly 11 and his full on life has just caught up with him, I don’t know how much time we have left together but I do know we will make the most of it, creating memories and spoiling him rotten. I felt I needed to add […]

Southend and District Canine Society Match Night – Rosa 

2nd Place Puppy Walk, 3rd Place Puppy

Barking Canine Club Match Night – Rosa 

2nd Place Puppy Walk, 3rd Place Puppy

Jo Hill Training Day 

I always love a Jo Hill training day and this was no exception. It was also really great to be out and about with Faith again after such a long break having puppies etc I think we have both really missed working together! Day consisted as usual of individual short sessions working on whatever was […]

Rosas first match night – 1st Place Puppy Walk 

Rosa had her first match night last night, shes not old enough for anything except the puppy walk so we entered her in that. She has only been to one ringcraft session before but its all good experience and as long as they are having fun its all that really matters. She had a great […]