The 2020 Round-up 

Plans? Nope, I’ve stopped making them since losing Kodi, I know it’s been over a year but I still find it really hard and I am learning to just do what I can when I can and to say no when I don’t feel like doing things. Unfortunately despite qualifying for Crufts we likely won’t […]

Faiths Modelling 

We had a really fun time yesterday, as expected! It was a shoot for a major brand that we can’t mention yet but its due out February sometime 🙂 Arrived in good time and Faith made it up her first ever set of metal stairs, I love new things like this as its always a real testament […]

Jenny Lunn Training Day 

I was lucky enough to get a day on a Jenny Lunn training day as someone had to drop out that week. I’ve been to her days before and I always find the A) enjoyable and B) informative and so jumped at the chance to attend! I decided to take Rosa along as due to […]

The 2019 Round-up 

I really dont know what this year will bring. With the loss of my Kodibear the plan is simply to wake, keep putting one foot in front of the other, to sleep and start again each day….. Unfortunately I broke my foot on the 1st of September (ironic considering my only plan this year was […]

Merry Christmas Everyone! 

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to Everyone, especially our Astraios families xxx

Three Puppy of the Year Events – Rosa 

Unfortunately due to my broken foot not having recovered enough for driving, Rosa had to miss Bulphan Puppy of the Year, Barking Puppy of the Year & Southend and District Canine Puppy of the Year. It was a real shame as we were looking forward to then but I am still so proud of Rosa […]

Congratulations Roo – Grade 6 

Massive congratulations to Dee & Roo who have just won out of Grade 5 and into Grade 6 Agility! A huge, huge achievement, so very proud of them and the fun they both have in the ring together!

Rheas Photographic Shoot 

Just a short post to share that Rhea had such a fun time yesterday on her photographic shoot, a with two other lovely dogs, for a major household name arranged by  Urban Paws As my foot is currently broken my daughter drove us all to location. We met the first dog soon after arriving and […]

Good luck at Discover Dogs 

All the best to the lovely Dee and Roo (Astraios Wizard of Aus) on Sunday at Discover Dogs. Sadly as I have a broken foot I can’t go along to watch them but I wish them all the best and just hope they have another really great day out! Roo and Dee managed an amazing […]

Bears First Championship Show 

Congratulations to Claire, PJ and Bear (Astraios Be Still) on attending their first championship show and even more so for their CRUFTS Qualifying places! The show was South Wales Kennel Association Championship ShowJudge was a very kind Mr R StrudwickBear was placed 2nd Junior, 1st Yearling and 2nd post graduate dog


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