Jenny Lunn Obedience Day 2

Had the amazing opportunity to get on another Jenny Lunn Obedience day so couldnt say no! Booked on both girls so a really full on day for me, I shall sleep well tonight!

This was Faiths 2nd Jenny Lunn day and Rheas first.

Rhea coped remarkably well considering she is not used to class environments at all and with all the tugging it was a noisy high energy environment at certain times. I learnt a lot as expected but there was also a few surprises too! Most difficult bit was trying to work her around the lovely Dottie, her daughter who she had not seen since she was 8 weeks old, to say she was pretty obsessed would be a understatement!

Faith did well again and as she had already been in this environment before she was understandably much more confident that Rhea during the noisy times. It was interesting to see how she can have a tendency to over think things as when in drive she doesnt notice anything but when not in drive she will notice all sorts and can get distracted especially by any barking. So lots learnt once again, came home shattered but excited to start using all the useful information learnt once again.

As always I highly recommend these days if you ever get a chance to attend one.