Bloat / Gastric Torsion

What every owners should know!
Myself and this website cannot and will not be held responsible for any decisions you make regarding taking your dog to the vet or not.

The below is purely for information only and intended to act only as a guide.

Symptoms: It is recommended that if you even suspect your weimaraner may be bloating you should get them to an emergency vet immediately.

  • Attempts to vomit (usually unsuccessful); may occur every 5-20 minutes (One of the most common symptoms)
  • Doesn’t act like usual self (Perhaps the earliest warning sign & may be the only sign that almost always occurs)
  • Significant anxiety and restlessness (One of the earliest warning signs and seems fairly typical)
  • ” Hunched up” or “roached up” appearance (This seems to occur fairly frequently)
  • Bloated abdomen that may feel tight (like a drum) (Despite the term “bloat,” many times this symptom never occurs or is not apparent)
  • Pale or off-colour gums (Dark red in early stages, white or blue in later stages) Lack of normal gurgling and digestive sounds in the tummy (Many dog owners report this after putting their ear to their dog’s tummy)
  • Other signs:
  • Gagging Heavy salivating or drooling
  • Foamy mucous around the lips, or vomiting foamy mucous
  • Whining Pacing Licking the air Seeking a hiding place
  • Looking at their side or other evidence of abdominal pain or discomfort
  • May refuse to lie down
  • May attempt to eat small stones and twigs
  • Drinking excessively
  • Heavy or rapid panting
  • Shallow breathing
  • Cold mouth membranes
  • Apparent weakness; unable to stand or has a spread-legged stance, especially in advanced stage
  • Accelerated heartbeat
  • Heart rate increases as bloating progresses
  • Weak pulse Collapse

Below is a short film made by my good friend Claire Richter it is a tribute to her much loved Weimaraner, Luna. Sadly she was to lose her beautiful girl Luna on 19th Sept 2010, aged just 3yrs 3mths. Bloat can strike a dog of any age, any time, any where.

If you think your dog is Bloating take them to the vets NOW as u dont have time to wait.

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