The 2022 Round-up

Faith would have been allowed to compete at CRUFTS this year in her BASC Class but I had not shown the other girls during Covid at all and I didn’t really feel I wanted to do CRUFTS this year at all so we gave it another miss.

I haven’t entered a thing with any of the girls this year, my heart isn’t in competing in any discipline at the moment but in leisurely walks, quality time spent at home and just enjoying their company. Rhea is 10 now and I think that has had quite the effect on my priorities as I lost Kodi at 10 and realise how precious just having time with them is. I may dabble later in the year but only time will tell.


For the 4th year running Faith was awarded the Weimaraner Association Mabanika Celebrity Obedience Trophy 2020 (For Top Obedience Weimaraner)

As I did not show Faith this season she could not contend for the Herr Lange Cup for Best All-Round Longhaired Weimaraner 2020, I believe this was subsequently not awarded this year to any other Longhaired Weimaraner.