Rosas first day obedience training 

As you can see by the blog photo Rosa had a great time and was thoroughly worn out! It was the first of our monthly training sessions that I have booked throughout the whole year for both Faith and Rosa. I have decided not to book Rhea purely on cost and she has come to […]

Happy birthday at the Bridge 

Wishing my best boy Kodi all the love in the world on what would have been his 11th birthday. Missed every single day, never a dog was loved more ….

A day in the field – Faith 

Great day out field training with Faith. Not too many surprises with her, retrieves on cold game both seen and memory were spot on with her sitting and waiting to be sent then bringing back to hand with no fuss. Obedience first class, no worries from me, always has an eye on me and works […]

A day in the field – Rosa 

Rosas first real field day, some of what I expected and some not. We had the extra distractions of her sister being there and snow on the ground which Rosa had never seen before so knew it would be tougher getting her attention but not quite how tough! She did some lovely retrieves happily jumping […]


Its taken me nearly a month to write this, yesterday I had my first whole day where I made it through without tears. I know most of you know that I lost my Kodibear on New Years day this year but I wanted to write a short post for those who never knew him. We […]

Little Miss Rosa 

Thank you to Pretty Miss Polly for this lovely hand draw picture of our little miss Rosa.

Why I will not be renewing my WCGB membership 

I have been very disappointed over time, on the one hand clubs say they want to encourage new comers and to get owners to become more active with their dogs yet on the other they repeatedly demonstrate that they are only happy when the ‘right’ people/dogs achieve things and I have no idea why this […]

Woobear <3 

It means the world to us to have this little treasured memory from Pretty Miss Polly. What a wonderful tribute to Kodi and all that he loved <3

He knew me and he loved me still 

You knew me and you loved me so Wanted to stay but time to go I know you fought until the end But twas time for body and soul to mend I sit without you, empty shell and long to hear you ring your bell To do happy spins, to bark and shout To squeak […]

Kodi – Rest in Peace 

I must apologise as this is a sad post for once but for those of you who follow my lovely dogs its only fair I let you know that New Years day I had to let my very best boy Kodibear go. It was his time and he was ready but for those of us who […]