Congratulations Roo – Grade 6 

Massive congratulations to Dee & Roo who have just won out of Grade 5 and into Grade 6 Agility! A huge, huge achievement, so very proud of them and the fun they both have in the ring together!

Rheas Photographic Shoot 

Just a short post to share that Rhea had such a fun time yesterday on her photographic shoot, a with two other lovely dogs, for a major household name arranged by  Urban Paws As my foot is currently broken my daughter drove us all to location. We met the first dog soon after arriving and […]

Good luck at Discover Dogs 

All the best to the lovely Dee and Roo (Astraios Wizard of Aus) on Sunday at Discover Dogs. Sadly as I have a broken foot I can’t go along to watch them but I wish them all the best and just hope they have another really great day out! Roo and Dee managed an amazing […]

Bears First Championship Show 

Congratulations to Claire, PJ and Bear (Astraios Be Still) on attending their first championship show and even more so for their CRUFTS Qualifying places! The show was South Wales Kennel Association Championship ShowJudge was a very kind Mr R StrudwickBear was placed 2nd Junior, 1st Yearling and 2nd post graduate dog

Mid-Somerset Agricultural Show – Bear BOB 

Astraios Be Still – 1st Graduate & BEST OF BREEDJudge – Mrs Sue Ross (Sokenlea) Companion Show – 1st Most Handsome Dog Bear attended his first ever show on Sunday and had a great day, he also popped along to the companion show on site and was awarded Most Handsome Dog, sadly he couldn’t stay […]

Happy birthday Rosa 

To celebrate our Rosa’s birthday we did our Hoopers assessment for Bronze Award. Rosa has had little chance to do Hoopers but was an absolute trooper and managed everything required to pass. So extra birthday celebrations and cake for her today! Well done girlie! Happy birthday of course also to all the other puppies in […]

Halstead Obedience Show 

The show was lovely and well run, we had nice size rings and a lovely ice cream van to keep us going. Faith enjoyed her day enough but wasn’t as happy as Saturday but a) 2 days competing are hard and b) I should probably have trained our first round in the ring (Beginners) and […]

Witham Obedience Show 

I was equally super chuffed and a little bummed Saturday! Faith did a really lovely round and was super happy at our first obedience competition round in over a year, main mistakes were all caused by over enthusiasm which, after working through confidence issues for over a year, was a huge bonus! She would have […]

Mantrailing – Faith 

Took Faith out to have some mantrailing fun. She hasnt had the chance to do any since our course so started her out with an intensity start to reminder her what it was all about, especially since she had just spent her day obedience training. She did great! Trailed really nicely and found our missing […]

Mantrailing – Rhea and Rosa 

Further to Faiths weeks mantrailing with me on our Mantrailing UK Instructors course we finally managed to make time for Rhea and Rosa to learn the basics. Rosa was, as expected, super enthusiastic! Her training will be directed at keeping the driving but slowing her up and helping her get the foundations solidly before anything […]