Dorntanza Training Day/121 

Shared another great days training with Debbie and her Astraios girls, went to Dorntanza as usual as we both really love Matts training style and knowledge. Was a super day with a mix of hunting for the girls, and retrieve set ups. During hunting between them the girls found birds, Muntjac and rabbits. Was pleased […]

Woolwich & Bexley DCS Open Show 

Lovely day at Woolwich & Bexley DCS Open Show, Rosas first show ever! Unfortunately she didn’t show too well as she was so busy taking it all in but she did however love her time at the show, she was sociable and had fun all day long. In the ring she stood well at first […]

Match night with all 3 

Looking at my blog I apparently haven’t updated well on my match nights since getting Rosa, I’ll have to go back and add what Ive missed! Anyway tonight I took all 3 girls to ringcraft, the older girls havent shown for a year or so which meant I had no idea what to expect. Rhea […]

Brother Alfie came to visit 

We’ve been meaning to organise a meet up for so long and things always got in the way but finally! Brother Alfie came to visit Rosa! I can’t thank Liz enough for bringing him down to see us and have some fun down the park with Rosa. They didn’t stop zooming the whole walk long […]

NEWS Advert 

Now that the latest NEWS year book has gone public I can share our advert. It was created before we lost Kodi but I decided not to see if it could be amended in anyway and I’ve actually found it really comforting seeing him there amongst the rest where he belongs. Really proud of my […]

Advanced Trick Dog Title – Rosa 

After gaining her last two titles we sat down to work on advanced, we looked at the list and promptly realised she was only 1 trick short. Rosa is an incredibly fast learner so very quickly learnt the last one required to apply for her Advanced title. Time to work on earning her Expert Do […]

A mornings field training 

Another super mornings field training with Matt of Dorntanza. Took Faith along for a couple of hours work and she didn’t disappoint, bless her she never does. Worked her on various beats, emphasis was on my ground treatment and planning ahead which for me went well overall. For Faith it was about looking to me […]

Patamoke Workshop 

Rosa attended a Patamoke show training workshop this weekend. What a great day it was too! I booked the day for Gabriella and for Rosa in order to give them a day of positive training and bonding together, not necessarily with a view to show but with the aim of having a good day in […]

Rosa – Best Puppy & Qualified for Puppy of the year 

Rosa went in her first Puppy class at NORMIDCA match night and came away with Best Puppy in Match and this also qualifies her for her Puppy of the Year contest! 

Rosas first swim session 

So yesterday was our first swim night in a long time, I wont lie it was hard for me, Kodi loved to swim, always made him so happy swimming up and down retrieving things and we had to work hard to teach him calmness in water! It was the first time we have been back […]