Scentwork UK Trial – Bear 

Congratulations to Claire & Bear on their Scentwork UK Level 1 It was their first trial and they stormed home with a Clean Sweep!! So pleased for them 😀

Dottie & her Agility wins 

Debbie and Dottie (Astraios Power of Veratu) have had some stonking agility show results lately, really proud of how far they have come as Dottie is Debbies first competition agility dog and they’ve worked so hard to bring it all together in the ring. Results recently are: Stonebridge on 19th May – 5th large Graded […]

Wellingborough KC agility show – Roo 

What an amazing result for Roo (Astraios Wizard of Aus) and his owner/handler Dee at Wellingborough KC agility show! They managed to sweep the board in grade 5 😊😊😊•1st Crufts ABC•1st Grade 5 jumping•1st Combined grade 4/5 agility Congratulations team Roo!!!

Faiths Commercial Shoot 

Just a short post to share that Faith had a blast yesterday on a commercial shoot arranged by Urban Paws We the day at a lovely location in London on warm and beautiful day. Cast and crew were all really kind and welcoming and Faith loved being fussed over all day long. I lost count […]

Mantrailing with Mantrailing UK 

Wow what a week Faith and I have had! We attended a full week at the Kennel Club building in Stoneleigh on my Mantrailing UK Instructors course, I am happy to say that as I update this (2wks later) I also passed! I hope to update this blog asap with details but for now………………

Weimaraner Association Open Show & Southern Counties Championship Show 2019 

Judge Jane Elders Rosa had had enough by late afternoon, its a long day for a 9mth old puppy bless her, she didnt really want to stand anymore, she was good being gone over but didnt want me moving her legs or anything so kept sitting down, I couldn’t blame her its a lot for […]

Southern Counties Championship Show & Weimaraner Association Open Show 2019 

Judge Sandra Marshall  Rosa was in Puppy, fidgety on initial stand but good when gone over and settled on the move, stood better in final line up and was placed Reserve. Sadly this was Rosas last planned show this year so that leaves her unqualified for Crufts 2020. Faith was unplaced in Open bitch but […]

Woodman Obedience Show – Faith 

What a great day we had! I wasn’t really in the mood but Alfie (one of our puppies) was going to be there. It was worth the journey to see him! I have been training with Lorraine Bennett for well over a year now and with Jo Hill I have done a couple of one […]

Dorntanza – Water Training with Rosa 

Birmingham National Championship Show 

Judge Mr David Howarth 2nd: FOTARA’s Waldwiese Carpe Diem At Astraios (Imp)  Seven-year-old Long Haired. Again, in lovely condition and moving to advantage. Strong in neck with good shoulder angulation and strong bone, good depth and width of body. Firm level topline and good tail set.  Looked well moving in profile.   Rosa was in first […]


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