The 2019 Round-up

I really dont know what this year will bring. With the loss of my Kodibear the plan is simply to wake, keep putting one foot in front, to sleep and start again each day…..




New years day I said goodbye to my beloved boy. I wont list loads of rosettes, achievements and awards here because that’s not who he was, he was simply the kindest boy you could ever meet. Everywhere he went people would want to hug him and pet him and he loved to be adored. He would always find the dogs that were worried and make them feel better, he was so kind to our rabbits and cats when we had them and literally just had the kindest heart you could wish to find. He came into my life because he was meant to be and he knew me and loved me no matter what. My irreplaceable boy, my best boy, my Kodibear, goodbye….

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