Kodi in Silver 

I was lucky enough this year to find David Baggeley Silversmith Goldsmith and he kindly created this pendant of Kodi for me Over the moon with it

East Anglia Winter Series UKA Agility Show 14th March 2015 

Sunday Kodi Class – Large Novice Steeplechase 2 – Judge Amelia Tayt CLEAR Class – Large Novice Steeplechase 1 – Judge Ken Whittington CLEAR These last few Steeplechase points mean that Kodi will now compete in Senior Steeplechase. Well done Kodi!

Schweisshund Training session 2 

Trip to Thetford for blood tracking with the BMHS of GB. Faith did 3 tracks today, liver drag and normal tracks, she was very proud of herself on her last track, penny dropping. Kodi did his first aged track on Muntjac with not as much blood as normal, had some lovely moments interspersed wtih struggling […]

Tracking with BMHS of GB 

Awesome day blood tracking with the BMHS of GB! Took Kodi and both his daughters that we have with us at the moment and my friend Angela. We started our day by laying three short tracks, 2 for the pups and one for dad, the pups had liver drags and dad a normal track. This […]

Gundog Agility League Ranking 

Pleased to find out that Kodi finished 9th Place in the Gundog agility league grade 1 table That is just one place behind last year and pretty good considering our last competition of the year was back in June time, if we had completed a full season he would have had a marvelous year I’m […]

Parlour Cafe Dog Day 

Our dogs did their first All Stars trick display! Owing to the incredibly hot weather it was broken down from a display to short sections of a few minutes a time throughout the day. Both dogs enjoyed themselves although I think Rhea enjoyed it the most. The venue was great, people lovely and sun shone […]

Keston Agility Club KC Show (Orsett) 

Sunday Kodi Class – Large Jumping ABC Grades 1-4 Combined – Judge TBA CLEAR

FAB Agility (Kent) 

Sunday Kodi Class – Large Newbie Agility – Judge Lin Bergan 3rd Place Class – Large Newbie Jumping – Lindy Margach 2nd Place Rhea Class – Large Newbie Jumping – Lindy Margach CLEAR

K9 Sports UKA (Cambs) 

Sunday Kodi 2nd Place Class – Novice Steeplechase I – Judge Christina Williams Kodi 2nd Place Class – Novice Steeplechase I – Judge Christina Williams

Cambridgeshire Canines UKA Show (Cambs) 

Saturday Kodi Class – Beginners Jumping – Judge Linda Kightley 1st Place Class – Beginners Power & Speed – Judge Helen Sargent 3rd Place Class – Beginners Agility – Judge Jon Winney 4th Place Congratulations to Kodi for winning out of Beginners Performance today and in to Novice !