Tracking with BMHS of GB

Awesome day blood tracking with the BMHS of GB! Took Kodi and both his daughters that we have with us at the moment and my friend Angela.

We started our day by laying three short tracks, 2 for the pups and one for dad, the pups had liver drags and dad a normal track.

This was the first time in a forest environment for both pups so the first track for each was slow as they stopped every so often to take in the scents and noises around them. They were also a little unsure of proceeding with me behind then 3 unknown people silently following but not enough to put them off thankfully. Both pups completed their tracks and carried their rewards proudly back to the car afterwards!

Kodi so willing to work as always and clearly not forgotten what it’s about, whizzed through his track to the end and I then worked on asking for speak to begin his report barking.

We stopped then for a lovely pub lunch and catch up with the group who were all having a great day too.

After lunch we laid 3 more tracks but these were normal ones rather than liver drags. Both pups were much faster this time around. Each pup worked very differently but both people in charge of our tracks were suitably pleased with how they worked. I was pleased to be able to give Zuri this opportunity before she leaves us and she thoroughly enjoyed her day, as did her sister.

Kodi’s final track was longer and incorporated a turn. He made a breeze of his first ever corner, barely even slowed him down. At the end I got him report barking easily. Our BMHS of GB representative was really impressed with him. I was a very proud parent.

Lovely weather, company and lunch too! Thank you to my good friend Angela for being such great company and chief holder of everything! Xx