Working in the field for the first time!

We awoke to a dry Sunday morning with a forecast of rain and set of eagerly with both dogs in the car. We arrived bright and early and headed off to where we were going to be working, a lovely area that was filled with the sound of birds, our job would be to find the birds and encourage them back to their original ground.

Both dogs worked well all morning and both dogs had a few points, were steady and sit to flush went well for the majority of the morning with just one from Rhea that needed work and Kodi not running in on a set of about 5/6 birds that went up all at once but distracted enough not to actually sit properly so further work on both dogs still required for a solid sit to whistle.  Rhea found both furr and feather and Kodi feather only and we were lucky enough to see deer close at hand, what a wonderful sight. All in all both dogs did us proud and there were no embarrassing moments other than my own! I was unlucky enough to have Kodi go on point in dense bush and in climbing in to ensure I could back up sit to whistle just in case it didn’t go to plan I ended up with a nettle stung derriere!! Having said that, it was well worth it as I got to see him sit steady to flush which I wouldn’t have seen from outside the cover.

After the mornings work we trained on various ground including woodland, stubble and fields. Both Gabriella and I were unfortunately feeling the break we had from training recently and both appeared to be playing catch up for most of the session but it was once again a fantastic training session and the first where we have had so much game.

As always we are looking forward to the next now……