WELKS Championship Show 2019

Judge Mrs J Miller

Lovely albeit long day at WELKS yesterday, nice to see people I’ve not seen in ages and the girls enjoyed their day.

Rhea was a good girl as always and CRUFTS qualified with a 2nd in Veteran Bitch, Rosa got Reserves in Minor Puppy Bitch and Puppy Bitch ….was full of the joys! Faith VHC in Open Bitch, always a pleasure to show her.

My only disappointment with the day was that but as I swapped Rhea (whos Veteran class was directly before the Minor Puppy Bitch class) for Rosa I missed both the class stack and initial run around as the judge decided not to bother waiting for us! It was a real shame as I made both judge and steward well aware of my need to swap the dogs and paid same entry as everyone else there. Rosa had to come straight out of her crate run across the show ground and more or less go straight under the judge, not nice for a Minor Puppy at her very first Championship Show.