East Anglian Gundog Society Open Show – All 3 girls

Lovely day in lovely company at East Anglian Gundog Society Open Show

Rosa 3rd Puppy, Faith 3rd PG and Rhea 1st Open and RBOB

We only showed Rosa and Rhea in the Longhaired class as I thought adding Faith to the mix would be too much for puppy and I wanted Gabs to have a good experience showing her and to not have to battle a puppy desperate to get to her sister. With just her Mum in the ring we could have one right at the start of line up and one right at the end given her space. In the Longhaired Class Rhea was 1st and Rosa 3rd

Thank you to Judge Lindsey Evans for our places and for Rheas super critique:

O 3 1st Fotara’s Waldwiese Carpe Diem at Astraios (Imp Aus) Really liked her, now a veteran but in amazing condition. Pleasing head and expression with nice amber eyes. Clean neck and shoulders. Correct length of back, lovely flowing outline stood. Shown in lovely coat and condition, she moved well when she settled (RBOB)

Rosa 8mths old