The 2017 Round-up

Well originally I was hoping for a quieter year this year, enjoying the simple things and hopefully some new beginnings. Things never quite go to plan but I will be eternally grateful for the amazing things that I have been able to experience this year that I never dreamed I would! Faith has done me proud and allowed me to experience amazing things such as competing at Discover Dogs and the National Obedience Class Finals, she’s gained titles and just general brought much joy.

I’ve enjoyed quieter times with my old boy Kodi, nothing more precious than those moments with him. Rhea has had some great fun times too, back at agility competition for the first time this year and she LOVED it! She also had fun at her very first obedience competition which she totally rocked!

Although I said before that I would only be listing my own dogs this year and not those I bred as its too hard to keep up with everyones results I do have to make special mention about Roo. 

Roo this year who has excelled himself in agility with both his owner Dee and her daughter Lily. He has qualified for the YKC Crufts Finals of Jumping dog of the year 2018 (to be held at CRUFTS) with Lily handling and was runner up to the winner at the UKA Grand Finals 2017, he has also won into grade 4 and is one win from grade 5 at just 3 years old! So exciting to think what his future holds!

Congratulations also to Debbie and Dottie, Debbies worked hard with Dottie and has a beautiful working partnership with Dottie, very proud of them both.

Ana and Zuri have had the year off but Ive had my regular fun updates and I love the way these two were just meant to be, hopefully back out showing next year and just generally loving life.

Finally lots of love to those couple of pups in pet homes too, I hear great things about the fun they have and the credit they both are to their owners, nothing better than hearing that.


Placed 4th in the Obedience League 2017 in Pre-Beginners,  37th in Beginners, 11th in Gundog  and 43rd in Southern (awaiting confirmation of these final places).
Came 11th out of 22 dogs in the National Obedience Finals 2017
Attended WSDA 2 day course
Came 12th out of 23 dogs in the Kennel Club Special Pre-Beginners Obedience Semi-Finals held at Discover Dogs Excel London
Achieved her KC Good Citizen Silver Award 
Placed 1st in Pre-Beginners Class at Ditton Dog Training Championship Obedience Show
Placed 5th in Pre-Beginners Class at Ditton Dog Training Open Obedience Show
Placed 9th in Pre-Beginners Class at Halstead Dog Obedience Club
1st Place Pre-Beginners Class at Witham & District DTS Open Obedience Show
Placed 7th in Pre-Beginners Class at North West Kent DTC
Received confirmation that Faith has qualified for the KC GC Obedience Semi-Final 2017
Faith has qualified in Pre-Beginners for the National Obedience Finals 2017
Awarded her Kyra Sundance Trick Dog Champion Title 
Placed 4th in KC Special Pre-Beginners Class – St Edwards Dog Training Club Open Obedience Show
Placed 3rd in her 1st Beginners Class – St Edwards Dog Training Club Open Obedience Show
Norfolk & Suffolk HPR Field Trial Club – Water day
Placed 4th in Post Graduate Bitch Class – Bath Championship Show
Placed 2nd in Working Class & VHC Special Longhaired Class – Weimaraner Association Open Show
Placed 3rd in Pre-Beginners Class – Culverstone Championship Show 14th May
Placed 4th in Pre-Beginners Class – Culverstone Championship Show 13th May
Winner of Herr Lange Cup 2016 presented by the Weimaraner Association at their annual awards – For Best All Round Longhaired of the Year 2016
Winner of Mabanika Celebrity Obedience Trophy 2016 presented by the Weimaraner Association at their annual awards
Placed 3rd in Kennel Club Good Citizens Special Beginners Class & COM in Pre-Beginners – Chesvale Open Obedience Show
Placed 2nd in Gamekeepers Dog/Bitch and 3rd in Working Dog/Bitch – Weimaraner Association Championship Show
Winner of Gwens Trophy 2016 presented by the Weimaraner Club of Great Britain at their annual awards
Placed 2nd BASC Working Gundog / Any variety Pointer, Setter, HPR Open Bitch Class – CRUFTS
Achieved her Kyra Sundance ETD (Expert Trick Dog Title)
Placed 7th in Pre-Beginners Class at North West Kent DTC
Faith was once again invited to continue beating next year and finished the season successfully picking up on beaters day.


Tried her paws at her first Introductory class at an obedience show & did SO well!
Winner of CACS, CACIB, BOB & Crufts Qualified – Dunkirk, France
Rhea started back at agility training

July 2017 – Whilst retired Kodi was awarded his Kyra Sundance TD-ROM title which is given to those producing offspring that achieve the required amount of titles and is awarded to show he produces ‘fine offspring’. Clever boy!

Kodi began enjoying his retirement at 8 years old. His best year was 2010 where he would have been the Top Longhaired Weimaraner based on the clubs points system but at the time I was unfortunately informed that agility didn’t count towards the points and therefore my claim didn’t go through.

Kodi ended his show career with:
4 x Best of Breeds (including a group shortlist)
4 x Best AVNSC
6 x Reserve Best of Breeds
Numerous class wins at Championship & Open shows

Kodi ended his agility career with:
Numerous placements in KC and UKA events including class wins and trophys, also placed within the Gundog League and ends his UKA career as:
Steeplechase Senior
Performance Novice

From just 3 Kennel Club Shows Kodi accumulated 44 of the 200 points required to earn his Bronze Agility Warrant, unfortunately for Kodi I preferred the UKA agility shows so he never attended enough KC ones to get his warrant.