Canicross – Virtual 5k

Having looked at my diet and seen a nutritionist last year, feeling healthier too I decided this year to look at improving my fitness levels and what better way to do that than with my lovely dogs! So, I signed up to do a virtual 5k during January and achieved my goal tonight.

I opted for the virtual race as:

  • I can do them in my own time, which means I can fit them in my busy schedule whenever I have time.
  • I can do them at my own pace (so you can walk in between running until you’ve built fitness levels.
  • Routes, times, distance etc is submitted to gain your award therefore it will hopefully give me goals to work towards and past targets to beat
  • It gives me motivation to go out there and do it which I dont have without knowing I have to submit my achievement each month.
  • and better than all of that, its non profit and supports a new charity every month!

I’d like to feel that at some point this year I might feel fit enough to look at braving joining a park run but for now am enjoying improving my fitness with my dogs who all love to run…..lets face it most do!

This months 5k was completed with Kodi and Faith as Rhea was at agility when I decided to head out and record it.

If you might be interested in taking part and raising money for charity then visit K9 Trail Time and sign up!