The 2011 Roundup

This year was dedicated to enjoying life, sampling as much of it as we can and I firmly believe we succeeded too!

Although Kodi and I only started doing agility for fun, he took to it so well that we ended up entering our first competition in the sport during 2011.

We made some headway in the field throughout this year but I have let it fall by the wayside in favour of agility which Kodi really seems to get a buzz out of. We will always keep up field training and WT training as extra’s as Kodi really does enjoy doing anything and everything but with limited time and funds I’m directing us to where we find the fun this year!

We also made nice progress on Kodi’s obedience work with ‘heel’ work really coming together, we finished 2011 commencing on obedience scent work.

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List of all the shows that Kodi attended up to the close of 2011 (including all results) and any other awards gained:

TRICK DOG CHAMPION – TDCH MORPHEUS RULER OF DREAMS AT ASTRAIOS on the 12th October 2011 Kodi became the 1st Dog in the UK, 1st Longhaired Weimaraner, 1st Weimaraner and 7th Dog Overall to attain the Trick Dog Champion title from ‘Do More with Your Dog’.
Trick Dog Title – ETD (Expert Trick Dog) – ‘Do More with Your Dog’ Scheme
Trick Dog Title – ATD (Advanced Trick Dog)– ‘Do More with Your Dog’ Scheme
Trick Dog Title – ITD (Intermediate Trick Dog) – ‘Do More with Your Dog’ Scheme
Trick Dog Title – NTD (Novice Trick Dog)– ‘Do More with Your Dog’ Scheme
Essex Flyers Club Agility Show – 1st place Introductory Jumping
MANCHESTER CHAMPIONSHIP SHOW – Reserve Post Graduate Dog (8 entries / 1 absent)
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