Rheas birthday

Happy birthday to our little bush baby and all the Waldwiese C Litter 

When I was blessed enough that Claire and Lois allowed me to import Rhea I didn’t know what was in store but it couldn’t have been a better decision and I will be forever grateful for the start in life that Lois, Claire & Kylie gave her.

Rhea arrived and Kodi fell in love at first sight, never seen a smile so wide! She came in, settled straight in and took over and he couldnt have been happier to let her do so.

She’s such a lovely girl, a fierce Mum, woe betide Kodi if he thinks he can tell Faith off, but also such a loving girl, Faith literally gets away with anything and everything from removing food from Rheas mouth to constantly harassing Rhea to play. She is sociable and at shows loves to say hi to everyone and anyone be that man or dog. She has turned her paw to showing, agility, trick work and now obedience and she does it all with a constant bum wag and a woowoo as she goes.

Shes done great things for the LH’s here with the one litter shes had, they are first and foremost all such happy and sociable dogs but they have also excelled at whatever has been asked of them, working on shoots, agility, obedience, they are happy and confident whatever they are doing and thats the most important thing.

So thanks Rhea for 6 amazing years. Cake and pressies tonight and heres to many more years hopefully