Obedience for Rhea

With Faith in season Rhea had the chance to fill in for her at our Bank Holiday weekend training session. I had no idea how it was going to pan out and Rheas only filled in for Faith once in a short indoor class and hasn’t been obedience training since she was a youngster but I had need not have worried!

Rhea swaggered into class like she had been there forever, wasn’t phased by a large group of dogs she didn’t know or of anything I asked of her. The only exercise she struggled with was scentwork because she didn’t understand the task of checking the cloths but once walked passed them she picked up my scent, nabbed the cloth and handed it over so I couldn’t have asked for better given the circumstances. Separately the only other exercise she didn’t complete as required was the minute sit stay but this was at the end of a 2.5hr mind blowing session for her and she was shattered so I’m not complaining.

Her ‘close’ position was lovely and having never ever completed A recalls she was a star, heel work was lovely, she was happy engaging with tug and working for treats, even completed a lovely dumbell retrieve complete with no mouthing. Just goes to show, you just never know what your dogs might be capable of unless you give them the chance to show you!