Heelwork to Music – Faith

So glad I signed up to try this! Kodi always loved doggy dancing at home and I felt sure his daughter would really enjoy it too so when I found that Christina Oxtoby taught locally to me I dived right in. 

We started off simply tonight with things like twist and spins, sending the dogs around our chair from a distance, teaching them to leg weave in different ways, to go around us on command, to interact with a pole but going around it on our signal or to put their paws up on it whilst sitting or standing and also to do spins and twists by our sides whilst we were on the move…there is probably lots more that I’ve forgotten to mention too. Suffice as to say it was jam packed with fun and at the end we put a little sequence together of the things that we had learnt.

By the end Faith was shattered but oh so happy and so was I, can’t wait for the next lesson!