Norfolk & Suffolk HPR All aged field trial (Boreham)

Judges:                  Alan Hender and Steven Pleasance
Chief Steward:    Jo Gosling
Held at:                Boreham Hall Shoot


1st place – Wamilangharr Tash of Mullenscote (GLP.D) – Handler, Howard Kirby
2nd place – Catriona of Avon (GSP.B) – Handler, T. Bennett

In addition Frechlin Dream Grigio (Korthals Griffon) handled by Tim Parrett went as far as water.

It was my first time watching a field trial and I was roped in (albeit happily) to be bearer of the red flag, an important job as it hopefully prevents anyone in the gallery getting shot! I was very suprised and grateful to receive a lovely bottle of Shiraz at the end of the day as a thank you, a very lovely gesture.


I found everyone very helpful and friendly all day long, from the land owner, gamekeeper, trial sec etc all down to those taking part. There was great friendly banter all day long in between serious runs. I couldnt have actually enjoyed the experience more, we were blessed with a dry day and despite the swamp conditions underfoot in some ares the dogs ran well, especially given the considerable amount of hares that went up during the course of the day.

In short, I have definitely been spurred on to up my summer training on blinds etc with a view to diving into a novice trial! Exciting times!