KC Field Training Day for Pointing Breeds 2016

The last time I was lucky enough to attend this event was way back in 2009 with Kodi, it was a great day and one that had a major role in my wanting to learn field work with him.

So this time it was his daughters turn. For our trainers we had Maureen Nixon and Sheila Kuban. Morning was a quiet one as although game was around Faith ground the first time was covered and the second was cleared by a dog on the run from another group. Both morning runs Faith started out well and ventured further than I expected but beats were not that deep. I was however pleased that she did track where I saw 2 hares go up before her run on her beat and also picked up where the loose dog had sent up a pheasant so her nose was on form.

Afternoon was better, our group split into two and for the afternoon our trainer was Maureen Nixon. First run of the afternoon Faith was a bit flat, not sure what caused it but I pulled her up and we moved to completely new ground for her second run, she was enthused on the way up to the next beat as there was lots of fur and feather game apparent in the area. She ran nicely and listened to turn whistles, I was lucky to stop her before she spotted a hare take off and she put up one single bird although I was disapointed not to get a sit to flush. Final run of the day I learnt my major homework when a bunny got up right under her nose and I lost her as she gave chase, disappeared over the horizon and only came back when she gave up the chase! Steadiness training now top of my hit list lol I did get to give her one final short run as we just wanted to do something small and simple and allow her to finish on a successful note.

These days are always good, the trainers are helpful the ground was good here this time and I highly recommend them once again.