After our KC field day and rabbit chase I was lucky enough for someone to mention this day to me. Unfortunately Faith managed to miss seeing every hare that went up during the course of our day (and there were lots!) but it was good to give her a chance to work on such lovely open land and she put up several birds on her runs. She did unfortunately give small chase both times but we will just be putting in extra work on that. Her runs improved throughout the day and Ive found she only tends to start to look at me for lots of direction once tired. Shes happily running far to either side and runs quite nicely too when shes having a good run, not quite so good if its less gamey ground but again more experience for her required. Confident that with time its all bits that will come together with hard work from me, it did with Kodi and he was similar, just a bit more tenatious in his searches on less gamey ground.