HWVCGB Steadiness Day

Lovely day catching up with Debbie & Dottie today on the HWHVGB steadiness day today! Really nice to have a chance to see their teamwork and lovely to see Debbies positive handling, every so grateful for the kind owners my puppies have gained.

Thanks you to Tracie for organising the day and to our group charge Liza for taking care of us all day. Some finds for Faith which I was pleased about, especially so because they both came on already covered ground!

Faith worked hard for me all day, our main issue to work on is my need to nag her when not on any scent, when shes on scent shes lovely and still capable of listening and following directly which is lovely and led to our finds, but when convinced nothing is there she can be sticky, homework for me! 

Unfortunately on last run but one Faith managed to slice her pad a bit so we had one last run and I called it a day so she could end on a positive note and not aggravate it more, not too bad though she’ll live ?