Essex 2000 Working Trials – We are in!!

Kodi and I passed our test today to join our local Working Trials group, Essex 2000!!

We did heel on lead, off lead, retreive, sit stay for 1 min, down stay for 3 (but he didnt manage that one, lil too long, more work needed), recall and if there was anything else I cant think of it right now!

Had the most fab day! I was the only one to pass today so I got a day of one to one training which was fab as I learn’t heaps about how Kodi works and how to adjust his training to suit him.

We did tracking and he did really well, retrieves, send aways (he was good at those) and lots of other bits….I have tonnes of homework….I seem to amase home work where ever I go!! I need to teach him exactly where heel actually is, work on his hold for the retrieve, get 50 tracking steps for next time, practice my sendaways and playing with him with various articles as rewards and my stays…well his stays anyway.

I am sure there was lots more but it was hot and I think I have brain fry

Fabulous day!