Kennel Club HPR Field Training Day – Tutor – Val O’Keefe

An amazing day that I can’t recommend enough to anyone new to HPR’s or Field work. The instructors were all brilliant and so supportive, so much knowledge!

I was really pleased with Kodi as he was really under control, apparently the only issue I have is that I was told he is ‘handler dependant’ so my homework is to leave him to do his own thing. My instructor was a lady named Val and she said that Kodi is lovely dog and that I didnt have to worry about my control, she also praised his working ability.

Everyone on the course was lovely and it was really interesting watching how each dog worked and each handlers reaction to their dog etc.

I am also looking forward to a nice group shot of the day as ‘Shooting Times’ magazine was covering it, it will be a nice keepsake of the day!

I am keeping my eye peeled for the next lot of courses and signing up again.