Dorntanza Training Day/121

Shared another great days training with Debbie and her Astraios girls, went to Dorntanza as usual as we both really love Matts training style and knowledge.

Was a super day with a mix of hunting for the girls, and retrieve set ups. During hunting between them the girls found birds, Muntjac and rabbits. Was pleased Faith didn’t give any chase on her finds and she is beginning to work further and further away from me.

Retrieve time was a real mix of shot and not shot, interruptions on returns, dummies, game, blinds and seen and both girls did really well. A totally new one for us was the bolting rabbit which Faith sat nicely to both times!

End of the day pups came out for very short stroll in forest to see how they faired then a quick retrieve which I was relieved Rosa brought back to hand then on lead for them once more.

Cracking day! Looking forward to the next already!