Woolwich & Bexley DCS Open Show

Lovely day at Woolwich & Bexley DCS Open Show, Rosas first show ever! Unfortunately she didn’t show too well as she was so busy taking it all in but she did however love her time at the show, she was sociable and had fun all day long. In the ring she stood well at first then got fidgety so we moved her then went back to her being gone over which worked really well. Sadly movement she struggled to keep her paws on the floor haha but no one can say she wasn’t having fun!

Faith was in a lovely PG class of 9 and she came away with Reserve having pushed hard for 3rd. The class was lovely and I am more than happy with her placing. She loved her time in the ring as she loves whatever we do together and I love doing things with her too.

Rhea was star of the day after winning 1st in Open. She really went like a dream for me, ran herself! Stacked up lovely and shes such a showy girl too.

All in all a lovely day!