A days hunting

What a day!!!

Sadly Gabriella and Rhea could not come along this time but it was lovely for me to get the one to one time with Kodi albeit very hard work for both of us. Trevor gave us a few breaks in between where he ran his dog which I always enjoy as it gives me a chance not just to rest but to watch and learn too, really think learning at its best for me is a good split of watch and do.

Got the dogs out of the cars and headed into the woodland, Kodi was let straight off and got straight to work and within those first few moments had a lovely HP on a Woodcock! I was over the moon as conditions were not easy and on top of that the bird scents have dropped at this time of the year to allow for breeding and Woodcock isn’t the easiest anyway.

The rest of the day bought about plenty more finds and although still not immediately sitting to whistle when flushing I feel that penny is dropping again now. I am beginning to recognise his body language and his feed back on investigation of scent that will likely not produce and when he is actually on to something. My next step/task is to reduce my whistle commands and attempt to use more body language and only back it up with the whistle when required and to give him time to process those commands. Also to be clear in my own head what commands I am using when, as the day progressed I found myself muddling a little and making it confusing for Kodi. Finally the other big lesson is to trust, to work with what he tells me and not move him on because he hasnt located something immediately but is clearly telling me its there somewhere! Wind…….well that still remains my nemisis but hopefully that will improve with practice.

It was a brilliant day all round and once again I am just looking forward to the next one now.