A day in the field – Rosa

Rosas first real field day, some of what I expected and some not. We had the extra distractions of her sister being there and snow on the ground which Rosa had never seen before so knew it would be tougher getting her attention but not quite how tough!

She did some lovely retrieves happily jumping ditches and not being fazed when she fell headlong into thick bramble down into a ditch, having not realised in advance what it was and so launching herself into it expecting it to be solid! She was well behaved on lead and waited nicely in the car.

Things to be worked on….well I had not expected sit to whistle to all but evaporate but it did! and definitely didnt expect recall to be a none existent as it was, she forgot pretty much everything with the lure of running up to her sister repeatedly proving to be way more fun!

I thoroughly enjoyed the day and I think she did too, I was ready for bed when I got home and Rosa wanted to know what we were going to do next haha She reminds me so much of Kodi despite him not being her father!