A day in the field – Faith

Great day out field training with Faith.

Not too many surprises with her, retrieves on cold game both seen and memory were spot on with her sitting and waiting to be sent then bringing back to hand with no fuss. Obedience first class, no worries from me, always has an eye on me and works with me to do whatever is asked of her, happy to sit to whistle or re work ground if asked etc.

Field work, my lack of knowledge on ground treatment and wind patterns has left us with some things to fix but mainly its about trying to gain her time with birds (always hard) to get the confidence to go away from me and hunt out (just like her Dad who soon got the hang of it with enough out there to entice him away) and also time to find her patterns having had them spoilt somewhat by yours truly!

We both had a great day followed by a very chilled out evening.