Rhea’s first obedience 1 2 1

Tonight was Rhea’s first session with the wonderful Pat Handfield.

We split the session between Kodi and Rhea and commenced with Kodi. Kodi’s work with his scent cloth has come on really nicely and he was soon picking it up from the line up of cloths on tiles. His ‘close’ on heel work has come on leaps and bounds and now we just need to work on keeping his bum in on the circles. We also covered dumbell picking, recalls and waits very successfully but as always have lots of homework 🙂

Kodi had to wait out of the way for Rhea’s turn as she simply couldn’t take her eyes off him ! Rhea was started on basics such as sit, stand, down etc and also on ‘play’ for toy motivation.

Enjoyable session as always!