Faiths first season of beating

We have had such a fantastic time this season! I have spent the last few years searching for a local place beating and have been blessed to find one this year. A welcoming, fun and kind bunch they have supported my bringing my youngster along and have been so helpful in giving her positive experiences to help her move forward. Shes gone from her first day being on lead to just experience all the noises etc to working off lead. Shes experienced her first pheasant flush in the woods, seen numerous hares (including a couple that headed straight for her!) been remarkably steady to birds lifting off and really responsive to the whistle. We finished the season on beaters day giving her experience picking up so she really has a full and varied year and I am so greatful to our shoot and wonderful gamekeeper for this. Yes, we have had the odd moment where I’ve not had the response I had hoped for but at just a year old and on my limited time I certainly couldnt have hoped for any better. She really is a chip of the old block <3

a c