Faiths first experience at the beach

We made the most of the bank holiday weekend this time around and Faith got her first experience of the beach/sea! It was a shame as it wasn’t planned so her Mum and Dad were not with us but I guess it was a little more fun for her as we played with her and she got all the attention, something she can never get enough of.

It was really lovely to see how excited to see she was about the smell of the sea air before we were any where near the beach. We had a fair walk to it and the whole way she was beside herself with excitement. We met a lovely couple along the way and Faith picked a few blackberries with them, another first for her, wild blackberries.

We got down to the water edge and let her off expecting she might be a bit cautious but nope, straight in splashing around and chasing seaweed. Later she swam for a while too which was another lovely surprise as she is not over keen on those first moments her feet leave the floor when making new entries into water. She swam so confidently and out to sea a little too.

In the end after swimming, walking down the beach, meeting lots of other dogs, collecting shells with us and chasing things she was truly wiped out but like a child, didn’t want to leave and on her last swim could barely keep her eyes open so we headed home. Can’t wait to get her Dad back there and let her Mum experience her first beach swim too!