Essex Flyers

We have only been to 2 Essex Flyer sessions but both have been great fun, take a peek at the video section of this website for some short videos of Kodi in action.

On 7th May (after 3 sessions in mixed ability) Kodi was raised into the Large Experienced agility class where he is holding his own…..I on the other hand am a different matter, struggling to get to grips with more complicated courses and turns! Well you know what they say, practice makes perfect!

Its now the 3rd of July, we have missed the last 3/4 sessions due to other commitments but commenced again this week. Kodi did very well and was very focused, we are now beginning to teach left and rights.

Its now September 9th and we still havent been able to get back to agility properly! Each Saturday something seems to come up and I anticipate this will only get worse as Christmas approaches but we shall certainly do our best to get back to it as soon as possible as I think we are both missing it, luckily we still get to do some agility with my friend Fiona so all is not lost just yet.

26th October saw us finally managing to get back to class, was fab to back, really positive session, we had some unfortunate ‘self rewarding’ when Kodi found a ball or two on the course but most mishaps this session were down to poor handling on my part, it definately showed that I haven’t been for sometime and I must make sure I get back on a regular basis!