An afternoon’s agility session with a friend

What a fantastic session!!

Arrived at the field and the first thing I noticed is it was wide open and surrounded by fields and the second was that it was full of bunnies.

I ran Kodi on a line to start out with and we began with a row of 5 jumps but although Kodi was going through the motions he didnt seem that motivated and was being distracted by the surrounding fields. My friend Fiona then suggested she set a target at the end and I let him off to do just the last jump, the target made a huge difference! We then built it up by doing the last two, last three, last four then all five and he could not have been more focused, what a difference.

Fiona ran her Collie X in between which was great as she is a very high energy high drive bitch so it was a challenge to get Kodi to sit still and quietly whilst in the company of such enthusiasm! In between swaps Kodi and I did a little on the targets like dog walk and A-frame and the weaves and tunnel individually.

We then decided to put together a course for him to do and exchanged a target at the end for a small pot filled with treats that I was to carry. I was over the moon, we started with the weaves and as he came out I directed ‘tunnel’ and he doubled back and did it immediately, we did one jump then a change of direction to do the A-Frame a right jump then left to come back and over the dog walk then the row of 5 jumps to finish! Perfect, what a great round, we finished it there as it was such a good one that I didn’t want to move on to anything less.