Witham Obedience Show

I was equally super chuffed and a little bummed Saturday!

Faith did a really lovely round and was super happy at our first obedience competition round in over a year, main mistakes were all caused by over enthusiasm which, after working through confidence issues for over a year, was a huge bonus!

She would have pulled off a 3rd place but unfortunately broke her down stay, not sure what happened as after last command she just wandered away with me 🤔

All in all it was a fab morning though, the judge and steward were lovely and it was a really nice round to take part in too especially considering the heat, always nice when judges seem to take that into account. It was also nice not to repeat the heel on lead in the heel free and to do something different!

I pulled Faith out of training novice round though as just so close and grosse today weather wise so we headed home happy but early.