Weimaraner Association Open Show & Southern Counties Championship Show 2019

Judge Jane Elders

Rosa had had enough by late afternoon, its a long day for a 9mth old puppy bless her, she didnt really want to stand anymore, she was good being gone over but didnt want me moving her legs or anything so kept sitting down, I couldn’t blame her its a lot for a young puppy and I had wondered if I should skip the afternoon show, for Rosa I should have. She got a VHC in Puppy and a long rest/sleep afterwards!

Faith was still up for more showing in the afternoon, good girl as always bless her. She moves so nicely for me, I really enjoy showing her. She was awarded 2nd in Open, 2nd in Special Working and 2nd in the well attended Longhaired class. Rosa was absent as she was sleeping 🙂

Rhea wasn’t entered at this show.